our bikes

we are delighted to partner with Merida Bikes UK who supply us with a range of bikes for our rental fleet.

full suspension mountain ebikes

equally at home on technical terrain or for those looking for a bit of comfort!

if you are looking for outstanding performance that doesn't sacrifice 'all day' riding comfort, then our full suspension ebikes are the perfect rental option for you. with modern mountain bike geometry, Shimano STEPS EP8 power unit and integrated battery technology; these ebikes combine maximum agility with fantastic climbing characteristics. exactly what you are looking for in an all-day full suspension mountain ebike.

"hardtail" mountain bikes

non ebikes designed for relaxing days out exploring....

a perfect balance of speed, agility and comfort, our "hardtail" mountain bikes may not be electrically assisted - but their lightweight and fast rolling tires make them effortless and fun to ride on the forest roads and by-ways criss-crossing Royal Deeside.

gravel ebikes

go further with one of our lightweight gravel ebikes capable of taking you way off the beaten track.

if you are often looking for the off-road alternative when you are out on your bike, or you simply enjoy exploring the path unknown, then one of our gravel ebikes might be the perfect rental option for you.

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