Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many of the questions we are frequently asked about eguide Scotland’s bike and equipment hire services:

Why rent an ebike from eguide?

Where do we start? Even if you own an ebike – renting one is much easier than bringing your own one (especially if you are travelling from overseas). In other cases – you may simply want to rent an ebike to experience what they are like: maybe you are considering purchasing one, or maybe you are looking for a different holiday experience. ebikes are great “enablers” (read our blog) and we would thoroughly recommend trying one to fully appreciate the wonderful countryside which Royal Deeside (and beyond) has to offer!

What is the range of your ebikes?

Range is very subjective and is dependent upon several factors, but in general it is possible to get approx. 50-60km from a full battery. Hilly terrain, extreme temperatures, rider weight and assistance mode will all influence the range. A full battery should be enough for most 1-day rentals; however additional batteries can be included as part of an extended rental package if required.

Where does eguide Scotland operate?

eguide operate from the lovely picturesque village of Aboyne in the heart of Royal Deeside. Approximately 45 minutes west of Aberdeen City; Aboyne truly is the gateway to the Highlands.

How do I rent an ebike from eguide Scotland?

It couldn’t be easier. Send us an email with your specific requirements! Simply send us your required dates, bike preference (if you aren’t sure tell us what sort of riding you want to do and we can happily advise) and height (so we can ensure we have the correct size of bike in stock).

Do you offer any other types of bike rental?

We don’t. eguide specialise in the rental of ebikes.

What does ebike rental include?

Included within the rental of every ebike is your helmet, a spare tube, pump, bike lock and tire levers. We always hope that you don’t have a need to fix a flat tire – but we make sure you are prepared none-the-less! Delivery and collection (within Royal Deeside) is also included within the rental rate too. For multi-day hires a battery charger will also be provided.

What does ebike rental exclude?

Excluded from the rental rate is the security deposit of £250 required for each bike rental. This deposit will be refunded to you on return of the ebike in the same condition as it left eguide. eguide do reserve the right to retain the £250 (and in addition to charge you extra) for repairing any damage which has been caused to the rental ebikes. Also excluded are additional batteries, rucksacks, water bottles, etc – but these can all be rented separately (or purchased in the case of water bottles).

Is delivery and collection included?

Delivery and collection of eguide rental bikes is generally included within the rental cost; however, charges may be applicable for delivery or collection out with the Royal Deeside area.

Can you recommend accommodation?

eguide work closely with several hotels, campsites, B&B’s and working estates (who provide self-catering accommodation). Royal Deeside has some fantastic accommodation options and you may find yourself spoiled for choice. Just ask us for some recommendations.

Can you deliver to our accommodation?

eguide work with many local accommodation providers within Royal Deeside and can arrange for your rental ebikes to be delivered and collected from your holiday accommodation. In many cases we have already sorted out secure bike storage and battery charging points for you so that you don’t have to.

Can eguide collect bikes from a different location to delivery?

Absolutely! We have customers who have ridden coast to coast (1-way) so delivery and collection points can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Can eguide provide cycling maps and route ideas?

Yes – with some prior notice eguide can work with you to provide a selection of route advice. We can provide you with hardcopies of specific routes, or GPX files to download onto your GPS device. We can also talk you through some of the “hidden gems” which you may not find on any map! Alternatively – why not hire a guide to maximise your experience?

Do you provide guided rides?

Yes, we do! Tony is a Level 2 qualified MBL mountain bike guide. He has over 10yrs of experience riding in the Royal Deeside and Cairngorm areas where he has amassed a great local knowledge of the trails which have made the area so popular with mountain bikers and adventurers alike. Guided rides cost £100 for a morning or afternoon (4hrs) or £150 for a full day (8hrs) and can accommodate between 1 to 8 persons. A great way to spread the cost of a guide is to bring along your friends!

What happens if I have a mechanical problem with my rental ebike?

eguide Scotland’s rental ebikes are professionally maintained and checked before every rental. In the event of a mechanical issue then you can call us for support where we will either come to you directly or send you to a local bike shop for assistance.

Do you rent batteries on their own?

We can do! All our ebikes utilise the Shimano STEPS system – and they all use the Shimano BT-E8035 internal battery. Whenever possible we try to keep a stock of spare batteries for general rental. Discounts are available for additional battery rental when rented together with an eguide ebike. However, anybody is free to rent a battery from us. If you are just renting a battery, then the cost is £40 per day which includes a charger and an Ergon ebike rucksack.

What other things do you rent?

We have access to a few items which can be combined with your ebike rental to increase the overall enjoyment of your experience:

Shockwiz suspension tuning widgets - We have 2 of these in stock (tuning in tandem makes the process so much easier!). They can be hired separately or together and can be hired for either a weekend or for a week at a time.

“Towhee” adventure bungee tow-straps - which can be used to pull along younger children on their bikes or to tow your (non-pedal assisted) friend up a steep hill should they get tired!

Sender Ramps - We can also rent out training aids such as ramps and cones which can be used both for coaching and for fun.

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