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July 22, 2021

eSafari adventures - a new and exciting collaboration!

The last 12 months or so have been challenging. COVID has had a huge impact on everybody's lives. But closer to home it proved to be a ridiculous time to start a new business, leaving behind an industry that I had been part of for 20 years, which up to that point had been all I had ever known.

But starting a new business allowed me to pursue something which I was passionate about, and I think it is this passion that allowed me to stay the course during these terrible times. As things have started to get back to normal, I have been encouraged by green shoots which hopefully confirm that the decision I made was the right one.

I have been extremely fortunate over the last little while to make a lot of remarkably interesting and exciting new acquaintances, new collaboration partners, and new friends – many of whom share the same views and passions and zest for life that I have. And it is with regards to two of these people and a subsequent idea we all had that this blogpost is about today.

A couple of months ago I was approached by two fantastic people called Rachael and Dan who own and operate a company called Wild Discovery. You can read a lot more about them on their website ( Having recently moved to the area they were looking to offer something a little bit different and having been finally introduced we hit it off straight away.

After explaining how perfectly suited an ebike would be for a wildlife tour (and considering all the benefits that they provide; fresh air, being at one with nature - the smells and the sounds, covering reasonable distances with relative ease, etc.) we went for a successful test ride during which we came up with a plan to offer ebike wildlife tours (or eSafari’s as we like to call them!)

So, on the weekend of 15th-17thOctober this year we are running a wildlife adventure weekend which will be based near Ballater. This trip will be extremely limited to 10 guests only.

The weekend will start on the Friday evening and will run all-day Saturday and all-day Sunday. Both those days will be ebike riding days exploring different habitats, looking at the wildlife, the flora, and the fauna which this spectacular part of the world has to offer. And it's going to be unique and wonderful.

Spaces are sure to fill up quickly and I would advise you to act now to secure your space. It will be a truly memorable experience that everybody can enjoy.

Book here now:

In the meantime – enjoy some pictures to whet your appetite and feel free to contact myself, or Rachael or Dan for further information.

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